A letter posted in 1932 got delivered the following day

Mrs Irene Sheppard who got a letter from her friend from London was not surprised with such a quick letter delivery, especially as her friend, Alice Buster, lived at Cover Street, two turnings farther. Similarly, she was not surprised with the letter she received two months earlier from the same friend, even though she lived in Luton then, although also at Cover Street. Mrs Sheppard had always claimed that she was not used to being surprised with correspondence delivered on the day following posting.

Several months later Alice Buster sent a letter to Mrs Sheppard again and it got delivered the following day although it was not 1932 anymore. Mrs Sheppard got surprised with it. Unprepared for getting correspondence in such a strange time, she wrote a reply to her friend expressing her surprise with the letter received the following day but in a different year. The same day Alice wrote that she would immediately post a letter trying to explain everything in it. The letter received the following day astonished Irene Sheppard because it was received by someone else. Everything got clear only when it turned out that the letter was not from Alice, although it had been posted in 1932.


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