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Kennedy is alive??!



In several towns in Texas the inscription UFO appeared in the sky the fourth time this year
One of the thousands of photos which fell down from the sky while the phenomenon lasted

Dark-cherry red inscription in fonts similar to Helvetica had been visible over Abilene for about half an hour.

The letter F did not leave the middle of the word even for an instant, invariably having the letter U on its right and the letter O on the left. The inscription was perfectly visible, behaved calmly and observed the place down. In thirty minutes it made for the town Big Spring.

Eight hours before that the inscription DONNERWETTER appeared over eastern Bavaria. According to professor Cecil Anderson, a famous graphologist, these were two totally different inscriptions. “The writing over Texas proves care, precision and inner calmness while the Bavarian inscription indicates violent passion, a slight loss of balance and maniac inclinations."

Assasin-suicide hanged himself
in the centre of Jerusalem

Abu Al Said, a Palestinian assassin hanged himself on a streetlamp in the centre of Jerusalem. Tentative investigation has shown that the Israeli steps meant to limit smuggling guns to Palestine proved to be so effective that the Hamas organization has been running out of arms, mainly explosives.

The assassin was equipped with only a fine halter. As one of the policemen has observed, a few strings were found on him, which were most probably meant for some people around the assassin. “It’s a stroke of luck that nobody made use of these cords and no casualties were recorded,” he said.

After this event, the prime minister Beniamin Netanjahu, who is not used to looking at hanged persons in the street, announced taking firm retaliatory action. On the other hand, The Palestine Liberation Organization criticized sawing through all the Jerusalem streetlamps at the base in its own statement.

Swine farmer in a sexual act
with a woman

Now I think that it must have happened”, Frankie B., a farmer well-known in his circle, confessed to the reporter from radio “I'm at ease” .

“Already as a teenager I felt a kind of fascination with the opposite sex but I haven’t had any problems with it up till now. I have been just farming for the last 50 years and suddenly something like that! The intercourse happened in the evening. What did I feel? It’s difficult to say, please try to understand me, I deal with farming. I didn’t think I was able to do that. Mary’s opinion is the same. The most painful thing is that other farmers in the village do the same but nobody admits to it and  they do  laugh and point at me with their fingers”, he finished with bitterness in his voice.

A neighbour indignant at such an accusation told the reporter that what Frankie does is an ordinary pig thing.

The light of a star 2,5 billion light years away reached Grassington

“Well, at last,” observed the village administrator of Grassington. “How long can one wait?”

  This is the only rubbish dump that has survived to our time, out of almost 32 thousands of rubbish dumps built by the ancient Celtic people.

Unexplained circumstances of two planes passing by one another

Woody Allen is nearly as brilliant as my opinion about him
The wreck of an iceberg discovered near Titanic
A post office cashier completely unprepared for flying to outer space
An unknown tennis player dropped out in the first round of Wimbledon
Aliens delighted with
the New Testament
In 1107 Marco Pampilioni prophesied the prophesies of Nostradamus.
A white relationship of two hetero guys made in order to obtain a flat tax concession for homosexual couples
Three unknown arguments of Zeno of Elea
against life – Newly discovered writings of the creator of dialectics
A surprising discovery made at Kenyan savanna by Swedish scientists – Interview with professor Björn Öndlëglüfödlëngäsrtöm
After admitting to shooting down the plane over Lockerbie Gaddafi is a candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize

Rock drawings found in bin Laden’s hiding place

The Arab version of Mohamed caricature much more amusing
An ash tree repulses a violent attack by a car

An ash tree showed extraordinary courage when attacked by a car which skidded on a slippery surface. Taking no notice of the energetic driving or overloading of the car, the brave tree stood unmoved. Having absorbed the whole impet of the charging machine, the tree spread the car’s mass evenly across its trunk. The attacked ash escaped from the crash without any damage except for a few scratches on the bark. A heroic attitude and lightning reactions left the tree triumphant. The attackers (a couple with three children and a mother-in-law) were killed on the spot.

The hero tree in its normal position




Paris – French scientists have patented the smallest microscope in the world. Its size is not bigger than the size of a thumb.

Tokyo – Japanese constructors have immediately constructed a microscope of such a small size one can see it only under a microscope.

Moscow – The local engineers constructed a microscope that one cannot see at all.

Havana – In Cuba people have not seen a microscope for ages.

Beijing – And in China everyone prefers riding a bike anyway.



Edmonton – In the capital city of the Canadian state Alberta a pioneer tree surgery was performed. After 25 hours of  the team of surgeons work nearly 40 thousand splinters were taken out of the tree trunk.

Panama – Children at summer camp filled a canal in with sand.

Houston – The conditions on Titan examined by the "Cassini" space probe indicate the possibility of living in Detroit.

London – For unknown reasons the First International Convention of the Unlucky has not started for the last eight weeks.

Jerusalem – The President of Palestinian National Authority Mahmud Abbas addressed the Prime Minister of Israel Beniamin Netanjahu with a question if he would lend him Israel for two days. Outraged Netanjahu reacted with claiming a strong bill of exchange and seven percent of the value of the country.


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